Payment solutions
for high risk businesses
Fast onboarding.
Satisfying conversion.
Solid anti-fraud system.
One platform
for all payment needs
Flexible integration. Payment processing.
Smart routing. Easy-to-start.
Individual approach for your business development
Custom solutions
Betting & Gambling
Grow your licensed gambling business. Paymega will guide you through the process from the onboarding to your first transaction.
Allow your customers to choose how to pay for the goods or services: with a bank card or alternative methods
such as Apple Pay, Google Pay, etc.
Start monetizing your business with the trusted partner. We'll set up receiving funds to your startup, so you could focus on the other tasks in hand without any distractions.
Every e-commerce project is unique and requires a special approach. You could easily optimise your online business with our payment solutions.
Payment Technologies
Streamline your business processes with Paymega
Payment methods
Provide your customers with freedom of choice by letting them purchase with a few clicks. Add various payment methods to your website.
Peer-to-Peer payment service allows easily and securely transfer of funds between two parties using debit or credit cards.
Transfer funds from your account balance to any number of recipients to cards. Make sure that your employees, suppliers or players get paid in time.
It'll help you protect customers' sensitive data and increase the number of successful payments. Encourage your customers to use the token in order to simplify the payment process.
Power your growth
Because when you grow, we grow
Our approach
Unique and custom solutions for every partner.
Make your first transaction in 3 days.
The onboarding process and technical integration will proceed simultaneously.
24/7 Support
We work around the clock – without holidays and weekends. We're always ready to help if anything unexpected happens to your business.
Payment expertise
Our team is a group of business professionals with over 10 years of high-risk payments experience. We're aware of up-to-date fintech aspects and offer individual solutions to our partners.
No hidden fees
Pay only for successful transactions.
With Paymega you'll get transparency and clarity.
Payment traffic management
Manage all the payments in a single account. Balances, reports, transactions - all in one place.
Custom solutions
Unique payment page design, personalized payment url, and payment status pages – create an uninterrupted path for your customers: from sign up to successful payment.
Partnership with Paymega is predictable.